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Jul 19, 2011 3:00am PDT
murdoch, james murdoch and rebekah brooks on how much they knew about these phone hacking allegations and when did they know it and why didn't they put a stop to it sooner or be more forthcoming. they told lawmakers earlier it was one rogue reporter, an isolated incident and it didn't did any further than that. we know of course that it turns out that thousands of people may have had phone mail messages hacked and lawmakers want to get to the bottom of how much each of them knew. >> the other question is this whistle-blower found dead yesterday tragically. police are looking into that. what is the latest there? >> reporter: what we know is that basically police have confirmed that a man was found dead at his apartment. that man is believed to be the whistle-blower for news of the world. he confirmed that the editor of the paper not only knew about the phone hacking but actively encouraged it from his reporters. he was the only whistle-blower to really go public and confirm that this was the case. now, what we understand from police is that he was found dead at his apartment while his
Jul 20, 2011 3:00am PDT
-- >> i'm not aware of that particular phrase. >> rebekah brooks, murdoch's former new york chief as appeared. she resigned on friday. brooks denies responsibility for the alleged hack being at the newspaper she once ran and insists she was shocked and disgusted when she heard reports about murdered school girls' phone being tapped. >> of course i have regrets. the idea that millie's phone was accessed by someone being paid by "news of the world" is abhorrent to me as it is to everyone in this room. and this is an ultimate regret that the speed in which we have found out and tried to find out the bottom of this investigation has been too slow. >> it's not clear if rupert murdoch helped or hurt his cause with his testimony. many observers felt that he looked old even foggy at times. this tweet from howard kurtz, quote, every detail of scandal that rupert says he's not familiar with makes him look more disengaged as a ceo. >> murdoch looked out of it. he looked like a ceo whose not in touch with what's is going on in his own company even as the evidence began to mount of wrongdoing
Jul 15, 2011 3:00am PDT
, rebekah brooks has resigned. >> the question is, does this mean that the walls are crumbling at news corp. it's too early to say, bulls this is a crack in the wall. she was a protege of rupert murdock, rose through the ranks, the ceo. lately, certainly have been seeing her by his side with the flowing red hair. for her to announce she is resigning is certainly big news. in fact, she even said, in her resignation letter, feels a deep responsibility as she puts it, quote, for the people we have hurt and wants to say how sorry i am for what we now know has taken place. >> interesting to hear that kind of language. really kind of resisting we did something really wrong and her resignation letter says that. >> pushing back, too. we now know. >> we didn't know before, she says. then we have that and the fact that justice department here in the united states, is getting involved in this scandal. we're hearing that the fbi is now involved. >> they are involved. and overnight, we are learning from the u.s. attorney general himself, eric holder, he told reporters in australia that, in fact, yes, th
Jul 18, 2011 3:00am PDT
's empire reeling this morning. rebekah brooks arrested. reported friday she had resi resigned. she's been released on bail. it's not clear if she'll testify tomorrow. last night in a shock move that has left scotland yard for accepting almost $20,000 in hospitality from a private health clinic after he had yound yund gone surgery. that health clinic was represented by a p.r. firm owned by former editor of "the news of the world." this picture is building up. this cozy relationship between the police and senior executives at news of the world. that made his position very difficult. he decided to step down last night. insisting all the while he had done nothing wrong. >> the issue of my integrity, let me set clear that i the -- the people that know me know my integrity is completely intact. i may wish we had done something differently but i will not lose sleep over my personal integrity. >> reporter: the problem was, though, this kind of web of connections just seems to be getting ever greater as more information comes to light between the police and people at the newspaper, rupert murdoch'
Jul 11, 2011 3:00am PDT
with the chief executive of his newspaper division, rebekah brooks, headed up "news of the world" and murdoch is publicly backing her, insisting she didn't know what was happening. the final edition of the paper was published yesterday. 5 million copies were printed, that's nearly twice the usual run. the paper also issued a full page apology. dan rivers is live in london this morning with more on this. a lot of people wanted to get their hands on that final edition. >> yeah. it's ironic, isn't it? a paper that has been the subject of such revulsion here, and public outcry, when they announced they were putting out that final edition they had to double the print run, such was the demand. i suppose many think of it going to be a piece of history, really. it's been going for 168 years. it is an institution here. now news perhaps victims of 9/11 could also have been targeted by the illegal practices of the "news of the world," hacking into their phones. this has not been confirmed by cnn. this is coming from a newspaper here, a rival tabloid, "the daily mirror" saying a former new york policeman
Jul 12, 2011 3:00am PDT
of this critics, gordon brown's critics, are saying look, he's still attended the wedding of rebekah brooks, the then editor of the sun even after the allegations were published. was he that upset if he was willing to accept that wedding invitation. a lot of different facets to this story. the financial aspects with the share price of news international taking a hammering and this morning some of the policemen who have been involved with this inquiry past and present are being questioned by politicians as well. so we're watching that one closely. >> all right. dan, we're going to be following this. new developments really every few hours it seems of this. we'll check in with you again. dan riskers in london. >>> new this morning afghan president hamid karzai's half brother found shot to death at his home in kandahar. ahmed wali karzai was the provencal council chief and suffered gunshot wounds to his head and chest according to hospital officials. a spokesman for kandahar's government claims a guard is responsible for the shooting. the taliban claims the guard was working for them. the u.s.
Jul 7, 2011 3:00am PDT
said no. she has the ring. >> she said no. wrote back no. >> she is wooin miss texas usa brooke daniels. brooke's father told his daughter he didn't want the ring back expecting her to change the mind. except she didn't. michael daniels says he is returning the ring to avoid the legal hassle. >> what's the legality of sending -- >> usually say it is a gift, right? i mean, they stay is a difference between legality and etiquette. etiquette says if you say no give the ring back. >> i agree. >> if you -- but legally speaking, if somebody gives you a gift -- >> how do you go to the post office and insure a $76,000 ring? >> i don't know about that. >> how romantic. ahead are terrorists possibly going lou extreme measures to try to attack the united states. would that actually surgically implant bombs into their bodies? there is new intelligence on the latest threat to our skies. human bombs. details coming up. introducing the schwab mobile app. it's schwab at your fingertips wherever, whenever you want. one log in lets you monitor all of your balances and transfer between accounts, so your m
Jul 13, 2011 3:00am PDT
this committee because they're not british citizens. but their chief executive, rebekah brooks, can be forced to come and answer questions. it's going to be fascinating next tuesday to see who turns up and what they say, and i would imagine this story will just keep rumbling all summer. now as you say, with senator jay rockefeller also getting interested in this in the states as well, this is now not only a u.k. story, it's an international story. it's a u.s. story as well because, of course, rupert murdock has interests all around the place, not just here, he's got "the wall street journal," fox news, "new york post" to name but a few. >> i want to ask you this. you mentioned rupert murdock and his son not being british citizens can't be forced to testify before parliament. what is the outcome if they do? in the united states we have a lot of people called to testify before congress, subpoenaed, they have to go. but it's unclear unless you lie to congress, what the consequences are of that. are there really consequences to this editor in chief being called before parliament? >> well, it's tr
Jul 14, 2011 3:00am PDT
. they can't force rupert and james murdoch to appear but they can force rebecca brooks to appear. if she continues to refuse to respond, issue a summons to her, they receiptcally they could send their security apparatus of the house behind me down to actually force her, you know, arrest her effectively to come along. >> all right. dan rivers for us. thanks so much. we will continue to follow this, of course, every day, new development and more troubling development. >>> still to come this morning, high ask dry. first lost their paychecks and now there may not be any beer to help pass the time during the government shutdown in minnesota. >> that's the part -- no beer. >> big problem. a lot of beer that won't be on the shelves. >>> the president's right-hand man on jobs. jeffrey immelt talks about how they plan to get america working again unchlgth fire under fire. >> gunfire all around us. we are rushing out of this area. with dha and essential nutrients also found in mother's milk. purina puppy chow. right now, go to priceline for a sneak peek at recent winning and better than ever! hote
Jul 8, 2011 3:00am PDT
. >> the other big question in this whole saga is, andy coulson's former boss, rebekah brooks, now the chief executive of the parent company "news international" she remains in her post, despite numerous calls for her to stand down. we have to see whether she will be among those who will have to go down to the police station to answer questions about this phone hacking scandal, something she also says that she knew nothing about. >> and dan, ultimately could there be jail time involved? >> yes, hopefully, already one "news of the world" reporter clive goodman, who was their royal correspondent, he served prison time over this as did a private detective, glen mulca e mulcaire, who was in the pay of the "news of the world." but yes, it's a criminal offense and they could go to prison for this. >> dan rivers in london, thank you. >> keep following it with you. >>> half past the hour. checking out our top stories we should know within minutes now if weather will permit history to be made in just a few hours. nasa just tweeting the shuttle "atlantis" will lift off as scheduled, 11:26 eastern tim
Jul 6, 2011 3:00am PDT
are trying to break that. in particular, this idea, david brooks wrote about this yesterday. the idea they can agree to tens and hundreds of millions in tax increases in exchange for holding the democrats and the president to trillions of dollars of tax cuts. david, why won't they take a deal like that? >> not all constituents are created equal. one of the examples is hedge funds should be taxed at income tax rates of 30% plus or taxed long-term capital gains rate at 15%. now that is a small but very important republican constituency. it's important democratic constituency too. if you want to get to long-term balance, there are going to be some places where more money has to be raised because you cannot, given the severity of the debt crisis, you cannot get out of this debt alone by squeezing programs that have enormous political constituencies behind them. >> megan, let me ask you this this. i have to think what happened in greece, the greek parliament they had to make a decision because they were sqesed into it to say it doesn't matter what the constituents think at this point. real
Jul 25, 2011 3:00am PDT
for everything. hiking, biking, pilates... [ woman ] brooke... okay. i wear yoga pants because i am too lazy for real pants. that's my tide. what's yours? >>> gloom good morning, new york city, partly cloudy, 76, feels like it's 76, thunderstorms about 80 degrees. >> last week, michele our producer was putting this pictures up of new york and thought she was lying. you couldn't see anything. soupy, gross, disgusting, that looks nice. >>> get ready for your close-up a film debuts over the weekend and you are the star "life in a day" a user-generated feature film basically shot in a single day. it's the brainchild of oscar winners kevin mcdonald and ridley scott. >> they had youtube users to film and upload videos of what happened on july 24th, 2010. 81,000 submissions all over the world, 8100 hours of footage. >> creative way to make a film. >> joining us is the director kevin mcdonald. this is -- you're experiencing the story through their eyes and how to tell that story of that day. what made you decide to do this? >> well, just because youtube is an extraordinary tool and it felt like, you
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)